Schwinn cruiser frames

Bullseye Cycle Corp. Bottom bracket conversion shims allow External Bearings!!

Copper Harbor Fat tire fest September 2012 Photos of riders.

My recent illness: Leukemia




Con artists; Swindlers. Out to take something from you because they see you as weak. Usually this is in some type of material item or cash… But on the internet it can be your trust. Here is the easy way to present themselves because they hide behind false names and you never see into their eyes.
In 32 years of business I have come across many a con; from best friends to, well, online clients that I never met. They may refuse to believe that they are playing a game but catch them at it and watch the reaction. Lies upon lies to cover the first lie to the point that you start to see that they contradict themselves. The EGO uses denial as the shield and projection as the sword.

If you have surfed the internet for information about me and my business, nowhere will you find this more prevalent. And if you are looking for a dream machine and you are finding it harder and harder to find a Master at their craft it is because of the Con. Remember, the person you are “trusting” you have never met. Truly, are you going to believe their story with out contacting the Craftsman and getting a “feeling” for who they are? I have done over $750,000 worth of business and more of my clients purchase at least 2 bikes than who do not. And the few of those you hear complaints from were trying to get something for nothing. All of my “good” clients paid in full and out of respect I expect all new clients to do the same. Tips are welcomed. (Read More)